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Episode 10 - Peter Hampsheir

July 30, 2020

Peter and Brian Hampsheir were the duo behind Elden Racing Cars- a firm that built over 250 cars during its time as a racing manufacturer- they built F4, FF, FA, FR, S2000, FSV, FF2000, Sports Racers and even F3 cars for a period of four decades.


On July 29, I caught up with Peter- the designer of Elden cars via Skype, and he recounted a bit of the Elden history, as well as his own personal life away from the race track.


Humble doesn't even begin to describe his nature- he was an absolute joy to interview, and he gave credit where it was due both to his late brother's manufacturing efforts and running the business, as well as those who took his drawings and gave them pace on the track.


A special thanks to Chris Hampsheir for helping set up this interview, and to Larry Haynes of LCH Restoration for sponsoring this episode. If you own an Elden in North America, Larry is the go-to man for sourcing parts, and general knowledge of the Elden brand.


It'll personally be an honor to drive one of Peter's Elden designs in 2021- you can bet on that.


All the best-




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